Firstly install docker, on a mac you can use Homebrew brew cask install docker on any other platform just follow these instructions.

Please note that Boost Docker image doesn't come with a PostgreSQL database so you need to have one at hand in order for the system to work. For more information oh how to install PostgreSQL please refer to the following page.

To build Boost and test everything compiles as it supposed to, you can do make build

The basic setup to run Boost using docker could be as follows:

docker run \
-e \
-e DB_PASSWORD=MySup3rS3cr£tP4ssword \

All parameters available are listed on Custom app configuration page.

Docker on macOS

It is very easy to run Boost from a Docker on macOS. If you have your PostgreSQL database hosted locally you can run something like:

docker run \
-e \
-e DB_USER=boost \
-e DB_PASSWORD=aaaaaa \
-e DB_NAME=boost \
-p 80:8080 \

where points to the IP address of your host, whatever it is while -p 80:8080 exposes internal port 8080 (used by Boost) to your port 80. Try http://localhost/ping to test.

For the full set of available environmental variables please refer to the Configuration.